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Equipment: Glass lined Double-cone Rotary Drier
Equipment Type: Drying Equipment -> Tray Dryer
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Technical Parameters:
Usage: 1. Machine that adopts the design of 4-directions vacuuming filtering head, materials will be absolutely not contaminated by the second contamination up to the requirements of GMP. 2. Suitable for raw materials that cannot bear high temperature, and is easy oxidized (such as heat sensitive, oxygen-hating materials.) 3. The Volatile materials discharged when drying should be recovered (such as the recovery of expensive solvents, the collection of poisonous gas.) 4. Finished products that requires evenly dried and contains very low moisture 5´╝ÄMaterial that has strict requirement to the limit of the metal ion content when drying (should use glass lined vessel to absolutely avoid material contacting with metal wall.) 6. Material that has strict requirement to the crystallizing shape.
Main Features:
Description: Technical data: Working pressure: Inside vessel-0.09Mpa Working temperature: Inside vessel less than 120 degree C. Loading coefficient: Less than 60%( capacity) Jacket: Less than 0.1Mpa Jacket: Less than 118 degree C. Rotary Speed: 4-5rpm/min. ( 1-10rpm/min.adjustable speed available for special requirement.)
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